My Life in Crime

Paul Williams

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


For almost forty years, Paul Williams has chronicled the life and crimes of some of Ireland's most notorious godfathers, killers and thieves. In Crooks he brings his readers for a ride-along, taking us behind the scenes of his most notorious scoops, describing the run-ins he's had with unsavoury, dangerous criminals and the high price of his line of work. From pursuing the General to death threats from PJ 'The Psycho' Judge, exposing the Westies and infiltrating the Kinahan cartel, Paul's extraordinary career doubles as an eyewitness account of the evolution of organized crime in Ireland.

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Veronica Guerin, Steve Collins, Anglo Irish bank, McCarthy/Dundon, Kinahan cartel, the Monk, true crime, Dublin, PJ Judge, the General, 9/11, gangland, gardai, Martin Cahill, Phyllis Hamilton, The Psycho, Keane/Collopy, crime reporter, Anglo tapes, garda, Mickey Greene, John Gilligan, Twin Towers, cartel, the Westies, Michael Cleary, Ireland, Rossi Walsh, Gerry Hutch, Irish true crime, John O'Neill, Celtic Tiger