The Possession

The horrifying, MUST-READ bestseller

Paul Cleave

9,59 (Lieferbar ab 07. November 2024)
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


'The simplicity of Cleave's writing disguises the intricacy of his plot … the plotting and tension are breathtaking' The Times Thriller of the Month Recovering from a devastating loss, Victoria Burke moves her family out past the edges of the city, where her nearest neighbours are miles away. But soon after their arrival, pets begin to disappear and her daughter starts behaving strangely – behaviour that convinces Victoria her daughter is possessed. She approaches the church for help, and hits a dead end, but when people close to the family begin to die, she is forced to turn to a disgraced priest … a man who spent twenty years in jail for rape and murder… And that is just the beginning… Twisty, horrifying and breathtakingly tense, The Possession marks the return of New Zealand's King of Crime, with an explosive, chilling novel about a woman who will do almost anything to keep her family secrets safe…



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