You'Ve Gotta' Believe! or What You Didn'T Know That You Knew About Job Search and Career Marketing

A Consumer'S Guide

Ronald Douglas Bascombe

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Youve Gotta' Believe!You dont know what is going on (or what is going wrong). You have never had such a difficult time finding a new job. You have sent your resume out in response to advertised positions, posted it on job boards and company sites and have done direct mailings to companies that you were sure could use your talents. You've posted on job boards and social media, gone to job fairs, floated your resume out to recruiters and paid for your resume to be mass mailed, emailed or fax-blasted. With all of that effort, you have gotten little (if any) response and you are beginning to think that you no longer have the right stuff to make it in a changing work environment. Now, if that sounds like you, then keep reading. Every job seeker has several things in common. We have an infant belief that we can do anything that we see being done and the baby still is within us. Every one of us must make prioritized buying decisions when we shop for stuff. And there are activities that are common to our experiences that can apply to our methods of preparing, developing and sharing our stories in a positive manner. The consumers guide examines our personal perspectives, some of the misconceptions we have about job search and employment and provides a fresh, common sense approach for job seekers.

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