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Essentials of Data Science and Analytics

Statistical Tools, Machine Learning, and R-Statistical Software Overview

Amar Sahay

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Data science and analytics have emerged as the most desired fields in driving business decisions. Using the techniques and methods of data science, decision makers can uncover hidden patterns in their data, develop algorithms and models that help improve processes and make key business decisions.

Data science is a data driven decision making approach that uses several different areas and disciplines with a purpose of extracting insights and knowledge from structured and unstructured data. The algorithms and models of data science along with machine learning and predictive modeling are widely used in solving business problems and predicting future outcomes.

This book combines the key concepts of data science and analytics to help you gain a practical understanding of these fields. The four different sections of the book are divided into chapters that explain the core of data science. Given the booming interest in data science, this book is timely and informative.