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The Casket Maker

Ty Humburd

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


The third book in Ty Humburd’s Macabre Universe Series, The Casket Maker, is a bone-chilling story that’s sure to give you nightmares, including his combined story “The Slaughter of Ravens.” Seth Night is a young man who’s planning for a better future in the city of Mors Falls. But when he arrives, he begins to notice a dark side to the city, including his employer Charles Phobos who owns a casket company. Seth’s life continues to change dramatically when he falls in love with a young woman named Tracy. Little does he know that she’s the niece of Sharon, the infamous goddess of terror. Seth is unprepared when more dark secrets start to unfold. The Casket Maker welcomes a special return from Matt Powell from The Murdered Out, including the monarch goddess, Stella. Brace yourself as you journey with Seth in this terrifying story of caskets and secrets.

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