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Advice for Working Moms (HBR Working Parents Series)

Amy Jen Su, Francesca Gino, Daisy Dowling, et al.

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Manage the competing demands of working motherhood.

As a working mother you often draw the short straw. You carry most of the burden of caregiving and household chores—and your career suffers because of it. Bosses and coworkers assume that since you're focused on your family, you don't prioritize work. But choosing your job over your kids' extracurricular and school commitments means letting down the people you love most.

Advice for Working Moms can help you alleviate this tension. Drawing on the wisdom of experts and parents alike, it will help you strike the right balance between family and work so that you can prioritize what matters most to you and feel fulfilled in all areas of your life.

You'll learn to:

  • Let go of working-mom guilt and that constant "overwhelmed" feeling
  • Discuss family commitments with an unsupportive boss
  • Create a parenting posse for caregiving support
  • Negotiate a more equal division of labor at home
  • Say no to "office housework" and other invisible tasks at work

The HBR Working Parents Series with Daisy Dowling, Series Editor, supports readers as you anticipate challenges, learn how to advocate for yourself more effectively, juggle your impossible schedule, and find fulfillment at home and at work. Whether you're up with a newborn or planning the future with your teen, you'll find the practical tips, strategies, and research you need to make working parenthood work for you.



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