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The Future Entrepreneur

Start Your Own Business Today

Kingstone P. Ngwira

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THE FUTURE ENTREPRENEUR What you have learned in this book can change your life. This is a must read book for would be entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs (those that are employed but using entrepreneurial skills) and university students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. So I would like to say congratulations for picking up and making efforts to read this book. Get ready because your life is about to be drastically transformed. This book will not leave you where it found you. The ideas and insights presented in the entire write up have been the bedrock of starting your own business. But to ensure that your business journey will be a fruitful one, it is import¬ant to understand all that becoming an entrepreneur entails. This is why I wrote this book for you. It is high time that you consider starting your own business that will help you to realize your dream. Entrepreneurs who make an impact to their life contribute effectively to their nation. The economy which offers hard times is not the issue. The issue is you. The solution therefore is for you to start your own business today. TOPICS INCLUDE: The Business of the 21st Century How to Start Business Operations Total Business Mastery The Environment of Business Managing Times of Business Downturn

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