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A Sprig of Sea Lavender

A classic English murder mystery

JRL Anderson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Up-and-coming painter, Sandra Telford, races down the platform to catch her train to London.

Two hours later she's found dead at her seat. At her feet is a portfolio containing millions of pounds worth of unlisted artwork - and a single sprig of sea lavender.

Inspector Piet Deventer, an art lover himself, is put on the case. The victim is the former lover of an escaped convict, the mastermind behind one of the largest gold robberies of the century - and Piet suspects the two cases might be connected.

Struggling for leads, Piet enlists the help of Sally Graham, a friend of the victim, to help with his investigation. But with a dangerous criminal on the loose, Piet will need all his wits about him - so it doesn't help that he finds himself falling in love . . .

A Sprig of Sea Lavender is J.R.L. Anderson's first mystery featuring Piet Deventer, and is an unmissable read for all lovers of English crime.



poison, Turner, art, Constable, Peter Blair, Train, Gainsborough, classic crime, hippies, ships, sailing crime, Boats, murder, girl, cosy crime, sailing, Piet Daventer