The Test Book

64 Tools to Lead You to Success

Roman Tschäppeler, Mikael Krogerus

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This is a pocket-sized compendium of the world's most useful tests - and a vital tool for anyone seeking to understand themselves and others. From leadership style to personality type, from IQ to EQ to MBTI, this little book provides the tools to analyse every trait you need to thrive.

The bestselling authors of The Decision Book have brought together the best diagnostic tests for your career, relationships and business, distilling the wisdom and updating the science behind each in order to help you discover not just what your skills are, but how well you're utilising them too. With analysis of the history, strengths and weaknesses of each test and what your answers mean for you, this book is the quickest and most entertaining way to equip yourself for happiness and success.


It is thought-provoking reading on how the mind works and includes clear-cut diagrams and self-analysis questions
New-year stimuli to anyone who manages anything - even just their desk.</p>
<p>Praise for <i>The Decision Book</i>:<br><br>'

A handy primer for anyone keen to tackle problems in a different way.



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