The Question Book

Who Are You?: 532 Opportunities for Self-Reflection and Discovery

Roman Tschäppeler, Mikael Krogerus

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What would be your ideal job if money didn't matter? How far would you go for a promotion? When did you last stand up for what you believe in? What are you afraid of?

In this unique handbook to life and work, there are no right or wrong answers: only honest ones. Because before you can build a career or find happiness, you must first know yourself. From the professional to the personal, the everyday to the existential, the wide-ranging questions in this book will help to illuminate your life, your motivations, your ambitions and your values, and will help you find your own fulfilling path. You can use the book alone, like a journal, or with a colleague, partner or friend. Either way, through these pertinent and enjoyable questions you will find answers to everything that really matters.


New-year stimuli to anyone who manages anything - even just their desk</p>
<p>Praise for The Decision Book:<br>'

A handy primer for anyone keen to tackle problems in a different way

It is thought-provoking reading on how the mind works and includes clear-cut diagrams and self-analysis questions

In a world where companies spend large sums of money on team building days, The Question Book could offer the same result for a fraction of the price - and you could probably also discover a lot more about yourself and your colleagues by answering some of the questions it poses.



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