The Reluctant Sheriff

The new Mick Hardin novel

Chris Offutt

13,99 (Lieferbar ab 10. April 2025)
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


FROM AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR CHRIS OFFUTT The Reluctant Sheriff is Chris Offutt's fourth book featuring Mick Hardin. Back in the familiar setting of the Kentucky hills, Mick Hardin returns standing in as the sheriff while the previous sheriff, his sister Linda, recuperates from a gunshot wound sustained in the line of duty. Living in Linda's house in Rocksalt, Mick finds himself entwined in the trials and tribulations of being a sheriff in the perturbing Kentucky community. Unable to retire from a world of dubiousness and violence, Mick Hardin is back with determination to deliver retribution. A dark and fierce return to the Kentucky hills, where nothing is what it seems. 'This is a marvellous series… These have become must-reads for me and I enjoy every minute of the reading experience'Deadly Pleasures 'Beautifully descriptive... Offutt's Mick Hardin novels are powerful books that feature characters with questionable ethics' Library Journal 'Righteous Kentucky noir... I gulped it down, relishing the burn' Ian Rankin on Shifty's Boys



Police Fiction, Southern Crime, American South, Crime and Mystery, Kentucky Noir