The Wines of Burgundy

Clive Coates

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Ten years after the publication of the highly acclaimed, award-winning wine guide Côte D'Or: A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy, the "Bible of Burgundy," Clive Coates now offers this thoroughly revised and updated sequel. This long-awaited work details all the major vintages from 2006 back to 1959 and includes thousands of recent tasting notes of the top wines, useful as a reference for wine pairing and a primer in how to taste wine. All-new chapters on Chablis and Côte Chalonnaise replace the previous volume's domain profiles. Coates, a Master of Wine who has spent much of the last thirty years in Burgundy, France, considers it to be the most exciting, complex, and intractable wine region in the world, its vineyards and wineries the most likely to yield fine wines of elegance and finesse. This coffee table book is an indispensable guide for the amateur sommelier and food and wine professionals alike by an internationally renowned wine expert, writing with his habitual expertise, lucidity, and unequaled firsthand knowledge.

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