The 30-Day Carnivore Bootcamp

A Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Doing an All-Meat Lifestyle

Jacie Gregory

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Transition to the carnivore diet, as a 30-day reset or full-time lifestyle, with this definitive onboarding guide.

As the carnivore diet has gathered legions of new devotees, studies from Harvard and Boston University link the diet to improvements in weight loss, insulin sensitivity, gut health, and heart health. The 30-Day Carnivore Bootcamp offers an accessible introduction to carnivore eating with practical implementation strategies that present the how and the what of the diet, rather than burying you in the why.

This basic training guide includes:

  • What can and can’t be consumed on a carnivore diet
  • How to make sure your nutrient profile is balanced
  • How to manage diet induction symptoms
  • Recipes, weekly meal plans, and food lists
  • How to successfully offboard the diet at the end of 30 days

Discover why the carnivore diet is so popular with this easy-to-follow roadmap.

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