Vegan Japan: 70 Comforting Plant-Based Recipes

Julia Boucachard

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Homey, cozy-chic Japanese recipes with a playful twist

Japanese food defies easy categorization. It’s wholesome home-cooked meals composed of a small soup, a simply prepared protein, a vegetable, and a bowl of rice. It’s savory fried street foods and comforting noodles. It’s yoshoku, Western dishes given playful Japanese spins. It’s a cuisine that embraces seasonality and celebrates the subtle flavors and textures of the myriad vegetables that make their way onto the Japanese plate.

Japanese-French author Julia Boucachard grew up devouring all of the above. So when she went vegan, she was determined not to give up any of her childhood favorites. This cookbook is her plant-based tribute to her Japanese heritage, ranging from simple vegetable sides to indulgent street foods, from globally influenced dishes to sweet bite-size desserts. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Easy plant-based recipes for classic dishes like kabocha squash stew, miso ramen, yakisoba, gyoza, melon pan, and many more.
  • Simple, wholesome recipes for the sauces and pantry staples you’ll be reaching for all the time—no highly processed ingredients necessary.
  • An illustrated guide to must-have Japanese ingredients and how to use them.

With 70 irresistible plant-based recipes accompanied by beautiful photography and charming pastel illustrations throughout, Vegan Japan is sure to transport your tastebuds.

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