Circle of Reason

A Novel

Amitav Ghosh

ca. 20,92
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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A New York Times Notable Book: A policeman chases a falsely accused man on a wild journey around the world in this ';utterly involving' novel (The Sunday Times). When eight-year-old Nachiketa Bose first arrives in the East Bengali village of Lalpukur, he receives the name Alupotatofor the size and shape of his extraordinary head. His uncle Balaram, the local schoolmaster and phrenology enthusiast, sends Alu to apprentice as a weaver, and the boy soon surpasses the skill of his master. But when a tragic bombing leaves Alu suspected of terrorism, he flees across India to Bombay and the Arabian Sea, followed all the way by the dogged policemanand avid ornithologistJyoti Das. From East Bengal to the Persian Gulf and North Africa, Amitav Ghosh's wild and extraordinary novel ';follows in the footsteps of magical realists like Gabriel Garca Mrquez and Salman Rushdie' (The New York Times Book Review). ';A novelist of dazzling ingenuity.' San Francisco Chronicle ';A Scheherezade effortlessly spinning tales within tales, the possessor of a strong narrative voice quite like no other.' Newsday ';Ghosh's writing soars, producing electric images.' The Baltimore Sun ';A wonderful mix of magic and horror, wit and curiosity... Ghosh has really woven a fresh world for us to visit.' Providence Sunday Journal