Rize Novella Anthology, Volume 2

Benjamin Toche, Ken Goldman, Rani Jayakumar, et al.

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Blood Heir by M.A. AmruJester McNichol manages to escape the conflict that befell the castle-city as the Calhron soldiers cause ruin and despair in nearly every corner. Before the Jester left, under the guidance of the D' ua caste caster, the Jester retrieved a magical sword from the Eastern Library. He intends to reach the Genesis Battalion and help them in this dreadful conflict by finding the sword of Oman the Blasphemy. Soon he finds himself fighting between magic and technology as well as good and evil. However, prophecies will remain as prophecies. Nothing will go the way it should be and this will become the greatest dejection for Jester McNichol.Yesterday Forgotten by Rani JayakumarA woman who cannot remember her recent past struggles to connect with a husband and children she has never known. As she tries to come to terms with her present, she finds that the tragic events of her past may be the key to fully embracing her future.Desire e by Ken GoldmanDON' T KISS DESIREE CHAPPELLE!Yes, Desire e is beyond beautiful. Seductive even as a child, she seems every man' s erotic dream, a fantasy woman possessing charms that no man can resist. And therein lies the problem.Because if you are a young man with bubbling testosterone you had better resist her. In fact, you should run like hell.Whether it' s an innocent kids' game of Spin The Bottle or a grope fest in the back of an old van, you would be wise to keep repeating... DON' T KISS DESIREE CHAPPELLE!But someone is wise to Desire e. Someone who knows her secrets and who has a very personal reason to uncover the truth no matter what it will take, no matter what it will cost.Someone who knows she has to destroy her...Hector and Achilles: An Aegean Love Story by Benjamin TocheThe Trojan War erupts as expected, as we' ve all heard the story: Paris kidnaps Helen, the wife of King Menelaus, and all hell breaks loose. But all of that covers up the real love story of this war, the passionate tryst between the conflict' s two biggest heroes: the Trojan prince Hector and the Greek warrior Achilles. In this modern re-telling of the events of the Trojan war, we see Zeus give up on the mortals out of boredom and disinterest, while his godly offspring throw 21st century slurs (and menstrual blood) at each other, as they meddle in mortal affairs. Meanwhile, the mortals discuss their affairs over breakfast at the local Waffle House or pull tabs at the corner bar. And of course, a love affair gone wrong is the driving force behind it all, as told in true Greek style by the universal voice of the Lyceum Janitor.