End Zone

David Fitzpatrick

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Running Wild Press img Link Publisher

Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


In the affluent, idyllic shoreline town of Gently, quiet Jay Souther, a rising-sophomore at St. Andrew' s Catholic High School for Boys, is prepared for a simple summer of football camp where he' ll try out for varsity and make the team as a third-string punter. On the field, the 16-year-old is immediately enraptured by the charismatic and smooth-as-silk like senior Foster Gold and hulking disciple the Latino All-American for two years running, Bear Santos. Jay is rapidly caught up in the stimulating dynamic of the two older boys, the longed for sense of brotherhood eclipsing the toxicity of Foster' s lifestyle and rhetoric. As summer ends and the school year moves along, Jay finds himself without an anchor caught in a hedonistic spiral of Foster' s design. Foster and Bear' s influence overpowers Jay' s blooming friendship with fellow sophomore, Basil Sous and senior Tuck Reis, despite their ability to see the dangerous path that Jay is obliviously walking. Basil and Tuck combine their efforts to rescue Jay from Foster' s hypnotic, nearly cult-like sway. Will their efforts prevent a horrific Thanksgiving tragedy? Throw in some whirling, twisting sexuality into the mix, and it looks like we got ourselves a ballgame.

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