Lessons in Faking: English Edition by LYX

Selina Mae

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


First New-Adult-series by WATTPAD-superstar Selina Mae

There’s one thing Athalia Pressley wants more than anything: Her twin brother’s affection. Since their parents’ death, Henry hasn’t given her much of it - until a halfway-to-failed class and the need for a tutor lands Athalia in his enemy’s lap. Suddenly she’s awarded his undivided attention, and if she wants to keep it that way, she needs Dylan McCarthy Williams’s help. She's not fond of her brother's rival, his slick comments, or that know-it-all attitude. Not even the fluffy hair, dreamy eyes or the body of a college soccer player. But through forced laughs and fake dates, it seems the two can leave their bickering behind to chase one common goal: A Pressley’s attention.

English edition of LESSONS IN FAKING by WATTPAD-superstar Selina Mae featuring the popular LYX-paperback-format



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