Dead Carnage

Amanda Fasciano

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Belletristik / Horror


How do you defeat a monster that can injure the Gods?All everyone wants to do is catch their breath. With Cadence's brother and the head of Southern Paranormal Investigations gone, Cadence, Aiden, and Derrick struggle to move past the deaths of those dearest to them. They want to breathe and grieve, taking a moment for some quiet time out of danger. With X'Haldzos released from Scarecrow Farms, however, they have more pressing concerns as one-safe spaces are being demolished. The ghostly team will be shaken to its core as the dangers and casualties mount.Andy is trying to find his way in the now far more complicated and dangerous waters of his job when things take a turn. Now he's faced with choosing to meet his enemy head on or spending the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. Meanwhile, Cadence is reeling, not only from what happened, but from the implications of what could come as she's caught in the crossfire of the grim chaos that's enveloped the world.With X'Haldzos free to roam, no one is safe: not mortal, not spirit, not even the Gods themselves. Breath catching is going to have to wait. He must be defeated. But how? And whose life may it cost this time?

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