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Calm the Raging Storm

Toni Wass

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Awarded a career challenge she can't resist, Sydney-based journalist Peta McKenna is not about to let a cantankerous, reclusive author or a deadly tropical cyclone obstruct her from securing a prestigious interview. But the storm outside is nothing compared to the one that greets her when the author relents and provides an escape from nature's fury. Nor does she expect the desire he awakens.

Stewart Fletcher is an acclaimed author with a fierce distrust of the media and women in general. When he sees who's at his door, he refuses to let the female journalist anywhere near him. After two disastrous failed marriages, he's not about to let a woman twist his words ever again. Even if there's an instant attraction, and the woman's insane enough to brave a cyclone and invade his private retreat just to meet him.

After a wild night together that has nothing to do with the raging storm, and the interview secured, the reality of the situation hits them. Never mind the unlikelihood that a long-distance relationship could work. Stewart's sworn never to fall for a career woman again. Peta's determined to make her mark on the journalism world just like her famous father. And no man is going to come between her and her dreams.

Are they crazy to consider pursuing a romance? Or have their past experiences destroyed any chance of having a future together?

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Romance, Queensland, Storm, Toni Wass