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One Law For the Rest of Us

A shocking British courtroom drama

Peter Murphy

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The sixth Ben Schroeder legal thriller

Two generations of abuse... one shocking conspiracy... a woman determined to expose it all.

When Audrey Marshall sends her daughter Emily to the religious boarding school where she herself was educated a generation before, memories return - memories of a culture of child sexual abuse presided over by a highly-regarded priest. Audrey turns to barrister Ben Schroeder in search of justice for Emily and herself. But there are powerful men involved, men determined to protect themselves at all costs. Will they succeed?

'One Law For the Rest of Us combines a forensically accurate historical perspective with some of the most topical contemporary issues' - Paul Magrath

'Murphy paints a trenchant picture of establishment cover-up, and cannily subverts the clichés of the legal genre in his all-too-topical narrative' - Financial Times

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