Pearl Fishers

Robin Jenkins

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


'Worthy of the greatest respect throughout the English-language world' - Paul Binding, Guardian 'Pared down to a sharp clarity, the prose of this novel cuts out all excess to show the cross-currents running through the heart of a community' - Times Literary Supplement 'Breathtaking in its simple beauty and honest heart' - Doug Johnstone, The Big Issue (Scotland) 'Jenkins is a remarkable writer whose gentlest touch induces the greatest of pleasures' - The Times When a family of travelling pearl-fishers arrives in a small Scottish town, the inhabitants react in their own different ways, from warmth to outright rejection. But how will they respond when love seems to blossom between local man Gavin Hamilton and the beautiful pearl-fisher Effie? The Pearl-fishers is a classic love story and the master storyteller's last novel.

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