Unexpected Guest

Hania Allen

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


It was a quiet day for the funeral. Until the bomb went off...Midwinter in Poland, and Dania G rska and her brother Marek are in Warsaw, attending the funeral of her old piano teacher, Jakub Frydman. At the graveside is rabbi Salomon Steinberg and several former pupils. As the service draws to an end, a figure is glimpsed through the mist throwing a wreath into the open grave. And as the mourners file out of the cemetery, they hear an explosion: the grave of Jakub Frydman has been destroyed and the perpetrator - the unexpected guest at the graveside - has made a clean getaway. But who was the intended victim? Was it an antisemitic attack - but against the old teacher, or the rabbi? Or was it drugs related... and Dania and her investigative journalist brother the targets? Now Dania has to trade Dundee for Warsaw to follow up leads on an international drugs syndicate - and find a resolution to this most unexpected and deadly of crimes. Praise for Hania Allen'Nicely nasty in all the right places . . . The story rattles along until bringing the curtain down with an unnerving twist' Craig Robertson'A fresh new find for crime fans ... the plot is intriguing, the characters are well drawn, and the end comes with an unnerving twist. Extremely readable' Sunday Post'Captivating characters and an intriguing plot. A great new find for crime fans' Lin Anderson'Pitch-perfect . . . a witty, tense crime novel written in a highly readable style' Russel D McLean

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