Yolanda and the General

Juan Sauvageau

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


The MexicanMafia had just lost the protector they had in the highest echelons of thegovernment. Dr. Jurez could whisper in the right ears, put a good wordwherever necessary, grease the right palms, even threaten on occasions, inorder to cover up for the Mafia's corrupt operations. He had just died in thearms of one of his lovers. He had to be replaced.The head ofthe organization had made up his mind that General Carranza should be the manwho would be the best replacement for Juarez. To the delegates present atthe meeting, that seemed an impossible task. Carranza was a model of virtue. He was patriotic to the core, a practicing Catholic, a family man, amoral straightlaced soul from way back. How could he be made to acceptand cooperate with the illegal and immoral deeds of the Mafia? The donwas given one year, 365 days, to accomplish this feat.The answer: YOLANDAHow does the head of the Mafia convinces her to cooperate?Does she realize the mess she is getting into?Does she remain loyal to the cause?Does she fall in love with the General?Does the married and ever faithful General fall for her?Does he finally accept the Mafia's contract?

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