Write to Kill

J Marshall Davis

ca. 13,28
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


People are dying the town of Leadville. The question is, what do an ancient retired professor, the drunken editor of the local newspaper, a mother, a sweet little old lady, a couple of selfish teenagers, a crusty farmer and a mean hardware shop owner have in common? The answer is simple: each has written something. A lonely old man is found brutally slain and what appears to be an easily solved crime turns into a circus of deaths. Sheriff Dun Clark has too many murders on his hands and a town about to explode in panic. Mark Bradfield, local editor and only reporter for the 8-page local newspaper covers the first crime scene as best as he can considering his stomach is revolting from too much alcohol and not enough experience with dead bodies and their aftermath. Chester Laundry was a retired professor, poor and not the most-likely prey for a robber. Chester is left to die with his throat slit and his rundown house burning. By the time the Sheriff and emergency crew arrive Chester has died. No one is certain if he died of smoke inhalation or bleeding to death. When Mark works late at the newspaper several days later, he leaves himself wide open to be the second victim. He is surprised when the killer walks into the small shop and dead shortly after three bullets enter his chest. Let the killing begin