Light in Dorky Walker

R.E. Robb

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A flooding Mississippi Rivertakes a teenage orphan boy to theedge of death. Saved by a smalltownpreacher, he learns aboutfriendship, work, responsibility,and the Bible. Given an unusualname at birth, DORKY WALKERyearns to have a father, someoneto call Dad, and is doing his bestto help and please the preacher,but is defensive and suspicious ofthose he believes will make fun ofhis name. He has become reliant uponhis Light that helps lead and directhim. The Light shines in thedarkness of his closed eyes, blinkingoff and on to answer Dorkysquestions. It is God within him, theHoly Spirit. He rejects it when hethinks it has let him down by givinginjurious counsel, causing thepreachers old church to crumbleand slide into the swamp. In angerand frustration, he runs awayfrom the preachers home. Drugged and sold to an angryand abusive riverboat captain,Dorky works hard to do his best. For three years, his life on the riverand his relationship with the captainimprove--so much that Dorkybegins to think of him as a father. But then the captain dies, the boatis wrecked, and his life changesforever.

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