Trumped Up Charges (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (Big 'D' Dads: The Daltons, Book 1)

Joanna Wayne

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


When a mother's love meets a father's instinct...Ex-Marine Adam Dalton once dreamed of a life with Hadley O'Sullivan, but war and a near fatal injury cost him dearly. Now he returns to Dallas to discover the unthinkable-Hadley is the prime suspect in the disappearance of her twin baby girls...the daughters he never knew he had.Beyond Hadley's terror of having her children kidnapped, is the shock of seeing Adam. Yes, she had kept him from his daughters, but now, when he insists they work together as a united front, she knows she is still in love with him. Despite their past, finding their children is their only hope to finally become a family-if time doesn't run out first.

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