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The Curious Case of the Royal Marriage

Harry Katzan Jr

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


An American actress marries a prince and finds herself in grave danger related to covert action and excessive spending and celebrity status. There is strong suspicion that an American nanny has already been killed and the actress is in grave danger. A college friend and his family with wealth and privilege are called into action and extract the American from the scene through covert action on the part of the American friend. However, the actress and prince truly love each other. The actress is given a face modification and is unrecognizable to ordinary people. Her smile saves the day and prince recognizes her. A happy future is anticipated. The story gives a plausible example of how experience and knowledge can serve to reverse an unfortunate situation.

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Nanny, Actress, Monarchy, Suicide, College friend, Royal prince, Frogman, Privacy, Danger, American, Wartime buddy, Extraction