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Duel of Hearts

Anita Mills

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


The daughter of an uncommonly rich commoner, Leah Cole is sure that the combination of her father's vast wealth and her own stunning beauty will snare the Viscount Lyndon. But even though the handsome nobleman is a notorious rake, having Leah's hand and her money isn't enough—he wants her heart as well, and sets out to prove it with all his seductive skills.

“Ms. Mills demonstrates an incredible range of talent…quick-witted humor and panache—and electrifying passion that enhances the Regency format...such virtuosity makes her a treasure trove of superlative writing.” —RT Book Review

“The touch of greatness is unmistakable. Anita Mills shows it in every word, every phrase, every sentence she writes…Once again, Ms. Mills has created an exquisite love story that touches us deeply. While the story line is more conventional than her previous books, the freshness, delicacy and vibrant sense of romance make this one of the most memorable books in the genre ”—RT Book Review



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