Murder and the Talk Show Diva

Ellen Richardson

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Delilah Morgan and her co-worker Norma Davis's lives are turned upside down when their employer, an infamous radio show host and gossip columnist Cassandra Clark (CC), is involved in a near-fatal car accident. As a result of the accident, Delilah is forced to take over CC's show and becomes a target for a mysterious caller who repeatedly calls CC on the air to talk about her personal problems. Before Delilah can learn the truth about the caller, who apparently played a big role in CC's life, CC dies under mysterious circumstances. The police rule CC's death a suicide, but neither Delilah nor Norma believe it and are determined to find out what really happened to the talk show diva. The search for CC's killer plunges them into a world of secrets, lies, and unanswered questions. They realize the killer could be closer than they think and they could be the next targets.

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