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Oleanders in June

Whitney Vandiver

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Galveston Island, 1900.

A year of training in the Signal Corps did nothing to prepare Alfred Ridgeway for his new post with the U.S. Weather Bureau on the edge of the Texas gulf. Raised on a farm in Indian Territory, Alfred finds the wealth and grandeur of Galveston Island overwhelming and lacking a place for a man of his status.

Despite his expectations, Alfred finds himself thrust into the strained relationship of renowned climatologist, Isaac Cline, and his assisting brother, Joseph. With rising tensions in the office, Alfred begins searching beyond the bureau for a new identity.

An intriguing newspaper ad connects Alfred with Hilary Carson, an eccentric naturalist with a love of birds, leading Alfred to find a niche on the island. When a chance encounter ignites the interest of a young woman, the budding romance with the extraordinary Florence Keller soothes his spirit and furthers his sense of belonging.

But as the summer heats up, the bureau cuts ties with a valuable source of information, leaving the Galveston Weather Office blind during the peak of hurricane season. When a telegram warns of a storm in the gulf, Alfred must choose between following protocol or trusting his instincts—and learn just how far he will go for the woman he loves.

Teeming with imagery and thickened with historical relevance, Oleanders in June is the compelling tale of an island’s most pivotal moment and an emotionally captivating debut.

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historical, Galveston, Texas, Victorian, hurricane, love, romance