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Pairs With Pinot

Mary Ann Tippett

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


From International Award Finalist, Mary Ann Tippett, comes a story that answers the question: What if your soulmate is out there and you're not looking?


Faith loves animals and hates Pinot Noir. Brian loves Pinot Noir and is allergic to animals. She is searching for love and a wine career. He is content to write news stories and dote on his commitment-shirking girlfriend.


A new dating app hits their city and everyone is talking about its guaranteed soulmate matches.  Brian registers for a match when he is forced to write a story about the app’s dubious “guarantee.” At the same time, Faith is looking for a love connection.


When Faith and Brian are paired, sparks fly. Until she reveals she hates Pinot Noir. And he lets slip he may have killed a chipmunk. Can the popular app, reputed to unfailingly connect soulmates, be wrong about Brian and Faith?

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Mary Ann Tippett
Mary Ann Tippett
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romance, wine, women's literature, cabernet franc, romantic comedy, allergies, pets, Canadian wine, happily ever after, pinot noir, Canada, chicklit, gerbil, meet cute, Niagara area wine, Ottawa, Ontario wine, science of love, love, pretty woman, dating app, soulmates, euchre, sommelier, uplit, chipmunk