Scarlet Blackwell

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


If a robot is programmed to obey your every need, wouldn't you take advantage?It's the future and every home in the US owns a manbot or fembot-robots designed to make life easier and obey an owner's every command.When Gray Benedict's friend Mitchell expresses a sexual interest in his manbot, George, it sets Gray to thinking about his own hotbot, Kavan, a six-foot-three powerhouse set to obey Gray's every whim. Gray doesn't want to take advantage of a machine but he's lonely and needs satisfying.Kavan makes it clear he's happy to serve and he carries detailed manuals on satisfying a human completely. Something about him is way too human though and he reaches Gray on a primal level. Soon the unthinkable is happening-Gray is falling for his manbot.When it's offered, what's a man in love supposed to do?

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