Mothering Sunday

The most heart-rending saga you'll read this year

Rosie Goodwin

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


If you love Dilly Court, you'll love Rosie Goodwin.ALL SHE WANTS IS SOMEONE TO CALL HER OWN1884, Nuneaton.Fourteen-year-old Sunday Small has never lived outside the Nuneaton workhouse. The regime is cruel, and if it weren't for Miss Beau - who comes in every week to teach the children their letters - and her young friend Daisy, Sunday's life wouldn't be worth living. And now she's attracted the unwelcome attention of the workhouse master. With no choice but to leave behind everything she knows, Sunday strikes out on her own to make her fortune and to fulfil her promise to come back for Daisy. And, secretly she dreams of finding the long-lost mother who gave her away.But she's about to discover that, try as she might to escape, the brutal world of the workhouse will not let her go without a fight . . .

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