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The Blessed Child

The perfect heart-warming saga

Rosie Goodwin

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Your perfect Christmas treat from Sunday Times bestseller Rosie Goodwin, for fans of Dilly Court, Katie Flynn and Catherine Cookson.

'A vibrant page-turner with entrancing characters' Margaret Dickinson

'Rosie writes such heartwarming sagas' Lyn Andrews

'The new Catherine Cookson' Coventry Evening Telegraph

Wednesday's child is full of woe . . .

Warwickshire, 1865.

Nessie Carson will do anything to keep her family together after her mother is killed, her father abandons them and they are evicted from their cosy little Nuneaton home. She and her brothers and sisters take on jobs as live-in assistants to a local undertaker. She is soon entwined in fortunes of her employer, Andre, who is forced to live a lie, and the local doctor - someone she's attracted to but can never have. But even in the darkest of times, and saddest of places, when you're as spirited as Nessie Carson, there is light, love and the promise of happiness if you're only brave enough to search for it . . .

Have you read Mothering Sunday, The Little Angel and A Mother's Grace - the other novels in Rosie's Days of the Week collection?

'A wonderful heroine, plucky, determined and warm-hearted. A believable and compelling read' Jennie Felton, author of The Miner's Daughter

'Goodwin is a master of her craft. The perfect book for a cold winter's evening' Lancashire Evening Post

'Goodwin is a fabulous writer' Worcester Evening News



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