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World's Best Beers

1000 Unmissable Brews from Portland to Prague

Tom Sandham, Ben McFarland

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Ratgeber / Essen & Trinken


A scintillating saunter through global beer culture that will inform, educate and entertain. It will quench the thirst of beer drinkers whether they be globe-trotting enthusiasts or armchair aficionados.

Ale seekers, beer buffs and novices alike will gain a fascinating insight into the world of beer, from bitters to stouts and sour ales to pale ales and saisons.
Each country section will have a new and completely updated introduction to provide an overview of key developments in the beer world. France and the Netherlands will each have a new feature on a key brewery and expanded sections include UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Australia.

The craft brewery revolution in the United States has thrown up hundreds of fascinating and tasty ales, some created and sold in tiny brewpubs, others made in small and medium-sized breweries, from Portland to Denver, Boston to San Diego.

Meanwhile, a beer and food revolution is underway, with beer becoming a valid accompaniment to fine food. Lovers of quality ale are championing their tipple as a credible alternative to a glass of wine with dinner. This new and revised edition of a much-loved title provides insightful resumes of all that is happening in the constantly changing world of beer.

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