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Searching for Thanksgiving

S.E. Smith

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


In search of Thanksgiving...

When the older dragonlings share a magical tale of unfulfilled love and Thanksgiving, Morah Reykill and the younger dragonlings vow to find Thanksgiving and help her heal. Unaware of the twists of fate awaiting them, the young dragonlings’ path intersects with more than a lonely young human woman, but also with a fugitive dragon warrior burdened by a haunting past.

In the dragon-shifting world of Valdier, Crystal Anderson seeks solace from the dangers that threatened her on Earth. The tranquility she craves eludes her when she senses she is being watched. Determined to protect her newfound peace, she confronts the dark shape lurking in the woods outside her cottage… and discovers another wounded soul.

Devon Reykill lives in isolation, haunted and hunted by others of his kind. His carefully maintained secrecy unravels when his symbiot brings Crystal into his life, forcing him to confront not only his own demons but also the complex reactions of his dragon and symbiot.

Devon’s carefully laid plans for escape dissolve into chaos when a group of dragonlings suddenly appear. When he is captured, a newfound family emerges, offering unexpected support and love, and Crystal becomes a beacon of healing for him, despite her own scars.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting tale, where the dragonlings embark on a quest that unravels the true meaning of Thanksgiving, weaving together the threads of family, love, and newfound purpose. A NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, the internationally acclaimed S.E. Smith presents a new action-packed story of mischief and adventure in this adorable novella! Iconic characters and unpredictable twists have won her a legion of fans. Over TWO MILLION books sold!



inspirational, holiday, short, novella, family, multicultural, adventure, Fantasy, comedy, shifter, alien