Running Wild Press Short Story Anthology, Volume 7

Benjamin White (Hrsg.)

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Run, Sally. Run.Fact and fiction intertwined. Shadows dancing on moonlight walls. She will not sleep, the night is haunted again.Aftermath A cruel twist of fate leaves a married man's future uncertain.Perennials All spitfire and spindle, a white gloved and haired lady, no doubt, a proper Southern peach in her youth- now in the ripeness of years she knew a secret. I watched it slowly, slowly, unfold.Experiencing Experiences Just a girl doing her best while navigating the dumpster fire that is dating in her 30s. The Writer Within Who' s Tale To Tell Is It?The Scent of Orange What makes a place the wrong direction?Wolves in the Woods To prevent an impending loss in his family, a young boy is willing to risk everything. Wolves are the least of his fears. The BadnjakFor one woman, Christmas brings joy, sorrow, and ancient gods together in "e; The Badnjak,"e; which is loosely based on Slavic mythology.Harvesting the Stars Free will is the gift given to humans but not any other beings. But do all humans deserve the gift and who gets to choose?eros (thanatos) A story about a journey from Chicago to the Indiana Dunes and back again while experiencing the realities of sex in contemporary, post-enlightenment society.They' ll All Be Waiting Two childhood friends, the pot-head Jeff and the debonair Grant, remain friends after Grant comes out- living together, working together, and partying together, remaining close as "e; brothers from separate mothers"e; and "e; sisters under the skin,"e; until HIV takes Grant' s life.A Cowboy Lost He was a young cowboy from a long line of rough-and-tumble cowboys. Real men. But unless you knew him intimately, you would never know of his demons, demons in the eyes of others, which he ultimately embraced as his own.Pumping Station Road Lloyd is an intense, moralistic runner who plans to make history by running 90 miles across Connecticut in 30 hours. His girlfriend and main supporter falls ill, and Lloyd faces the uncomfortable reality that his ambition is causing havoc.War Crimes Fifteen-year-old Sheila could handle her chubby snitch of a cousin and controlling father. But the family' s unspoken legacy of trauma was a different matter.Animal Husbandry In Animal Husbandry, one of Herm Dublin' s cows gives birth to something that just isn' t right.Bullyboys This collection of nine wide-ranging and skillfully written stories shows Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie as a vulnerable young boy, a preening young man on the make, and, finally, an enfeebled old man forced to confront his crimes.

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