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Frog Kissing for Beginners

Hanna Clarin

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Johanna Lenné is an active, successful lawyer in her late thirties who lives in Zurich and generally enjoys life: Hiking with friends, singing in a choir, taking long bike rides, traveling, and work. Life could be quite perfect if there wasn't this one black hole which she falls or is pushed into, every now and then: Jo is single. Her best friend Klara's wedding is, naturally, another occasion for a free fall into the black hole, and Jo bets with an equally single colleague that they would find partners, within a year. In the ensuing months, she works her way through the methods of modern partner search - studiously and unsuccessfully: Speed flirting, dating websites, clubs, visits at concerts or museums, old-fashioned set-ups by friends. Her dating spree leads her to a Porsche driver working his way through the Kama Sutra, a likably huggable Saint Bernard with a not so likable attachment on the upper end of the leach, a testosterone evaporating gym junkie, many guys too shy to say hi, or a couple therapist who doesn't believe in twosomeness - and more. When she increasingly questions whether there really is such a thing as eternal love or whether she has just fallen prey to a well-advertised myth, too many Jane Austen novels and rom coms, or exaggerated expectations, she meets Dr Mark Kinsey, a man who knows what he wants: Johanna. But is he really what she wants? Her better half? Her soulmate? The time has come for Johanna to decide what really matters in her life.

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Zurich, Stong women, Modern women, Berlin