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Arresting Alan

Amber Daulton

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A hacker, a federal agent, and a crime boss. The time has come to fight.
Computer technician Alan Harding is no saint, but his squeaky-clean image is unshakable in the eyes of his family and especially his young son. After he agrees to assist a drug lord-turned-snitch and hack into a criminal database, he’s faced with an impossible challenge—keeping his hands and heart away from his sexy as sin bodyguard, DEA Special Agent Hannah Adler.
Hannah would rather go hand-to-hand with an assailant than go undercover as Alan’s girlfriend, but she’s determined to keep him safe and his illegal activities on the down-low. The handsome man and his adorable child, however, are more than she bargained for.
Once their enemies learn the truth and retaliate by kidnapping Alan’s son, they’ll have to race against the clock to save the boy and bring a dangerous empire to its knees.

Book 4 in the sexy romantic suspense series, Arresting Onyx.
– Warning : scenes depicting gang violence and organized crime, drug use (discussed), kidnapping, and brief endangerment of a child. Intended for mature audiences.

Standalone novel. No cheating. HEA guaranteed.

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