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Missio Dei in a Digital Age

null Kurlberg (Hrsg.), null Phillips (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


We are witnessing an unprecedented technological revolution. Every sphere of life from communications, work, economy, leisure, our homes, and health care is being digitised. These far-reaching changes demand careful consideration and discernment by churches participating in God’s redemptive work around the world. Digitalization of society is radically changing both the methods and conditions of missions. For the first time, this book explores the implications of digitality for Missio Dei in thought and practice. Bringing together theologians, missiologists, computer scientists and practitioners, the book considers a diverse range of topics from evangelism to pastoral care, cyber pilgrimages to biases in algorithms, public theology to homiletics and inculturation to contextualization. Chapters include: Worship, Community and Missio Dei in a Digital Age - Maggie Dawn Finding Jesus Online: Digital Evangelism and the Future of Christian Mission - Steve Hollinghurst 'Digital Inculturation - Katherine G. Schmidt Mission: An adventure of the (digital) imagination - Jonny Baker Interactive technologies, Missio Dei and grassroots activism - Erkki Sutinen Strategic and Pastoral Reflections on Digital Media and Contemporary Spirituality - John Drane Public Faith, Shame, and China’s Social Credit System - Alexander Chow

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