The Message of Humanity

Ian W. Payne

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Who do humans think they are?! A cacophony of answers in the face of global challenges - like climate change, artificial intelligence, racism, nationalism, terrorism, feminism, abortion, gene therapy, gender constructivism - shows we do not agree.

To a deeply divided, despondent world, the Bible speaks today about the human condition and destiny by pointing us to Jesus Christ, the true human, the image of God.

Ian Payne’s conviction is that the most important answer to the question of humanity is God's. He expounds a range of Old and New Testament passages and examines a wide range of issues in being human today. This biblical theology shows that hope and meaning for humans are found in remembering and trusting God's gift and goal.

Part 1: Created in the image of God
Part 2: Image of God renewed in Christ
Part 3: Issues in being human

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