The Psalms (Volume 2, Psalms 42 to 106)

Rejoice, the Lord Is King

James Johnston

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Volume 2 of Preaching the Word's Reader-Friendly Commentary on the Psalms Explores Chapters 42–106 The Psalms is one of the most widely loved books of the Bible. A source of instruction for our prayers, inspiration for our songs, and consolation for our tears, these biblical poems resound with the whole spectrum of human emotion and teach us to hope in God each and every day. In the second volume of a 3-part commentary on the Psalms, pastor James Johnston walks readers through chapters 42–106, offering exegetical and pastoral insights along the way. Edited by R. Kent Hughes, the Preaching the Word expository series is an essential resource for anyone interested in studying, teaching, or preaching the Bible. - Expository Commentary on the Psalms: In-depth study explores more than 60 individual psalms and explains how they fit together in Scripture - Reader-Friendly: Written by pastors for pastors, this commentary is also an accessible resource for students and laypeople - Part of the Preaching the Word Series: This is volume 2 of a 3-part commentary on the Psalms; volumes for other books of the Bible are also available