Winter Magic

A Witch's Yule

Sara Haydon

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Winter Magic is a witchy, festive book with a Nordic twist, perfect for anyone seeking to connect with their own magic during the enchanting time of Yule. Readers will be introduced to various Yule spirits and deities both light and dark, gain insight into the pagan origins of recognisable Christmas traditions as well as learn how to create and foster a Yule that honours and celebrates the Winter Solstice and the returning light of the sun. Winter Magic will show you how to: - make pine needle bundles and hand-dipped taper candles for conscious gift-giving - create the perfect winter altar - cook a delicious, magical and nourishing witch's soup - work with intention as you celebrate the Winter Solstice and welcome the new year - identify the ideal colours, herbs and spices for your practice Whether you are a seasoned practitioner seeking new insights, or someone curious to delve into the magical practices associated with this festive season, Winter Magic offers a treasury of knowledge and practices to enrich your Winter Solstice celebrations.



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