The Underwater Basilica of Nicaea

Archaeology in the Birthplace of Christian Theology

Mark R. Fairchild

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


A Firsthand Look at a Groundbreaking Archaeological DiscoveryIn 2014, aerial photography revealed a submerged structure beneath the waters of Lake Iznik, near the ancient city of Nicaea. The structure appeared to be in the shape of an ancient basilica church, with a nave, aisles, and an apse pointing to the east. The discovery was named one of the top ten archaeological discoveries in 2014 by the Archaeological Institute of America. Earlier excavations in ancient Nicaea have revealed fourteen Byzantine churches in the city, but none of them can be dated as early as the fourth century.Biblical scholar and archaeologist Mark Fairchild's work on the archaeological excavations in Turkey reveals what he argues is the likely location of the First Council of Nicaea. The Underwater Basilica of Nicaea includes:- Beautiful images from the excavation- Helpful maps from the dig site- Fascinating insights for a location that very well be the birthplace of Christian theology.



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