Citizenship Without Illusions

A Christian Guide to Political Engagement

David T. Koyzis

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How can Christians live as citizens of God's kingdom while also fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of political communities? David Koyzis, author of Political Visions and Illusions, offers a brief, practical guide on political engagement and citizenship.During numerous conversations with students and readers of his books in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, Koyzis has heard the same questions repeated. Can Christians participate in the public square without buying in to political illusions—ideologies that become idolatrous? Is it better to avoid politics than risk ethical compromise or division among believers? In Citizenship Without Illusions, Koyzis presents a case for political engagement as a way to love our neighbors that doesn't require our full devotion to parties or ideologies. He explores key topics such as:- the responsibilities of citizens- how to vote- mobilizing for political action- citizenship under less-than-ideal circumstances- the importance of both local and global engagement- the role of the church in societyUsing examples from various eras and places, Koyzis guides readers to make the best of their own political situations, make thoughtful decisions, and promote societal diversity while respecting those who disagree. With clear understanding and confidence in their ultimate allegiance, Christians can employ their citizenship for the greater good.

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civic life, current affairs, government, cultural engagement, Christian political engagement, Christian activism, Christian voter, history, politics, Christian public life, political science, political theology, public witness