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The Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma

Gilbert Reyes, Jon D. Elhai, Julian D. Ford, et al.

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The Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma is the only authoritative reference on the scientific evidence, clinical practice guidelines, and social issues addressed within the field of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder. Edited by the leading experts in the field, you will turn to this definitive reference work again and again for complete coverage of psychological trauma, PTSD, evidence-based and standard treatments, as well as controversial topics including EMDR, virtual reality therapy, and much more.


(Choice Reviews, May 2009)
"This work will serve as a clear, useful reference for thosein the field of traumatic stress studies. Comprehensivesubject/author index. Summing Up: Highly recommended."
-Annette M. La Greca, University of Miami Editor,Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and EditorialBoard Member of the Journal of Anxiety Disorders, Journalof Traumatic Practice, and many other peer review journals
"In simple, nontechnical language, this resource outlines thenature and description of psychological trauma, its impact andsociopolitical effects, its prevention and treatment, currentresearch, professional organizations, and government policies. Eachentry ranges from three to five pages and contains a useful list ofreferences to journal articles, books, or web sites. The volumeallows systematic access to topics through its alphabeticarrangement and an excellent subject and author index. Thissingle-volume work, therefore, fills an important research gap andwill prove valuable to students, clinicians, educators, policymakers, and other interested persons. Highly recommended."(Library Journal, February 15, 2009)"This high-quality, broad-ranging volume. . .provid[es]authoritative, factual information about psychologicaltrauma... needed to inform media reports, fictionalrepresentations, public opinion, political and governmental lawsand policies, and the educational system for people across the lifespan, and in scientific and professional efforts to assist traumasurvivors. This informative collection is a"must-read" for all those interested in understandingpsychological trauma."
-Betty Pfefferbaum, M.D., J.D. Chairman, Department ofPsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences University of Oklahoma HealthSciences Center Director, Terrorism and Disaster Center of theNational Child Traumatic Stress Network
"With contributions from many national experts, thisuser-friendly comprehensive volume is a must for clinicians,researchers, and educators working in the area of trauma."
-Steven N. Gold, PhD, Professor, Center forPsychological Studies Director, Trauma Resolution & IntegrationProgram (TRIP) Nova Southeastern University
"The Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma (EPT) is animposing volume that covers an impressively comprehensiveconstellation of topics. The intense effort the editors haveinvested in recruiting top experts in a broad range of specialtyareas and ensuring top quality content is evident throughout.Professionals whose work is related to psychological trauma willundoubtedly find EPT to be an invaluable tool that they will wantto keep within easy reach, whether to quickly absorb a subject thatis new to them or to review an already familiar area."
-Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, Professor of Epidemiology,School of Public Health Research Professor, Institute for SocialResearch University of Michiga
"This comprehensive volume does a remarkable job of bringingtogether scholarly summaries about the vast array of issuespertaining to the study of traumatic events and their psychologicalconsequences. The chapters are worthy stand-alone contributions,but even better, together they provide a state-of-the-sciencesummary of the field that should be of interest to novices andexperts alike."
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