DIY Camper and RV Reno

Your Guide to Restoring and Designing Vintage, Retro, and Classic Trailers and RVs with Nailgun Nelly

Janelle Payne

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Choose and restore a classic RV or camper with expert guidance every step of the way—then hit the road in style!

Join popular creator Janelle Payne (aka Nailgun Nelly) for a journey through everything camper and RV. Whether you’re considering a truly vintage home on wheels or a more contemporary (but not new) ride, this book’s buying guide helps with the pros and cons of different options and goes over all the red flags to look for. You’ll learn about the major systems and how to handle everything from simple repairs to electrical issues, plumbing, propane, and even water damage or roof resealing. However, the real fun starts as you find your style and explore the techniques and projects to make that camper or RV yours
  • Flooring (and ceilings): Learn how to use LVP to create a luxurious but durable wood-look floor and install faux beams
  • Paint: Tackle interior painting with step-by-step guides for painting walls and cabinets; learn all about primers and the best sheens for specific applications; and master exterior painting, including deoxidizing and waxing fiberglass and how to prep aluminum
  • Wall design: Learn creative paint designs and wallpaper, board and batten, shiplap, create texture with microcement, create arches, and use wood accents on the exterior  
  • Tile: Do it all with guides for peel and stick tile, real tile, wallpaper, vinyl sheeting, tiling small countertop, and practical considerations for larger spaces like showers
  • Countertops and surfaces: Install butcher block or laminate counters, create large cutting boards to cover sinks and create extra counter space, and find how-to's for honed epoxy, installing cabinet hardware, and open shelving and dish display
  • Faucets, fixtures, and hardware: Install beautiful bathroom and kitchen faucets, learn how to paint shower pans and bathtubs, install sinks, and other considerations for cabinets (magnetic closing, latches, etc.)
  • Seating and sleeping: Explore your options with couches and pullout beds, cushions, lightweight headboard options, and convertible/flexible spaces

Plus, find a special section on considerations unique to RVs and campers, including framing and wall types, how to keep decor in place while traveling, and built-in lighting. With Janelle coaching you every step of the way, and with  hundreds of inspirational and step photos throughout, this book is your insider’s guide for taking that old camper and remaking it completely to your taste.

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