The Actually Autistic Guide

A Helpful, Hilarious, and Definitely not Definitive Handbook for Living Life on the Spectrum

C. R. R. Hillin, Elora Dodd

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


From leading autistic activists and witty content creators Elora Dodd, star of the popular social media account @online1roomschoolhouse, and educator C. R. R. Hillin comes a vibrant activity book that will guide readers through the challenges of life with autism and help foster pride in being neurodivergent.

Globally an estimated 168 million people have autism, and yet resources for the community designed by those who truly understand the disorder first-hand are severely lacking. The result is a culture that stereotypes, underdiagnoses, and excludes neurodivergents, leaving them to make do in a hostile environment, and a society that misses out on all that their outside-the-box thinking could contribute.

To combat this, The Actually Autistic Guide has been carefully crafted by autistics for autistics in order to enable community members to conquer daily challenges heads on. Authors Elora Dodd, whose social media account buzzing with anecdotes from her experiences as a neurodivergent has acquired six hundred thousand followers, and her fellow activist C. R. R. Hillin, use their signature humor, creativity, and relatability to provide guidance acquired from their own experiences as well as from members of the #actuallyautistic online community.

The result is a colorful, hands-on volume that covers subjects including stims, burnout, masking, sensory issues, obtaining support, and much more, and has been designed to be interactive, with dozens of diagrams, original illustrations, activities on every other page, and bright, happy colors throughout to give the neurodivergent mind plenty to focus (and hyperfocus) on. It will allow readers a unique way to absorb content and start them on a journey of self-discovery knowing their ability to thrive is limitless.

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