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Assessment of Client Core Issues

Richard W. Halstead

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This monograph instructs counselors on how to better recognize, understand, and treat clients' underlying problems. The model presented helps uncover the origin of these core concerns, provides a means to address them, and challenges counselors to move beyond the DSM to better serve their clients. This framework will also assist counselors in providing more targeted treatment plans. *Requests for digital versions from the ACA can be found on *To request print copies, please visit the ACA website.


--Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson, EdD., Oregon State University
"This book offers a welcome alternative to the medical diagnostic and treatment model, which focuses on symptoms and labels, and instead emphasizes relational issues and strength-based processes that bring counselors back to our professional roots. It provides a map for intervention and strategies for truly understanding clients and their need."
--Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD, State University of New York at Oswego
"How exciting for clinicians to have a comprehensive, systematic, and respectful lens to view their clients through. Dr. Halstead provides mental health professionals with a holistic model for conceptualizing clients' core issues, and subsequently developing clinical assessments and interventions that honor the complexity of each individual."
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